Medha D.J. Plus Professional 8 Channel Stero Echo Mixer

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8 Channels Stereo Echo Mixer with Digital Echo 20 – 400 m/s. Frequency 25 Hz – 25 KHz, Input Gain: – 50 dB to 6 dB gain range with overdrive indication, Equalization: Bass & Treble+ 5 dB & Controls: Gain Eq. Pan echo FaderPower Supply: AC 220V 50 Hz

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8 Channel Stereo mixing console MIC/Line switch for selecting low/high impedance line signals Gain switch provided for setting Pre-Amplifier GAIN BASS/TREBLE controls to cut or boost low or high frequency respectively PAN control to balance Echo level Built-in ECHO with 200-400 ms delay time Peak function visually indicating overdrive (CLIP) of the channel Volume control to set output level of a particular channel Master control to set Output level of all channels Headphone input with separate Volume control Power Requirement AC 220 50 -60HZ MIC Input 8 MIC Input unbalanced Freq. Response 25HZ-25,000 HZ (-IDB) Line Output (RATED/MAX) OD 8 M / +18DBM (775MV/6.5V) Tone Controls Bass-16db 60khz treble:16 db at 12 khz Echo/Reverb System Digital Echo System delay time 20 :400m/s S/N Ratio 89 d8 Dimension 385 w x 190 d x 50 mm Weight 2.75kg

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Dimensions 6 x 7 x 8 cm


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